Booking conditions

All bookings are binding.
The person making the booking is personally responsible for the entire booking. If a guest is not able to come due to illness, it will still be charged. Reimbursements are only made if a certificate proving the illness is presented before departure.
In bad weather, it is we who have the best knowledge and decide whether the trip should be canceled. We have the right to cancel tours due to technical problems or illness without being liable for compensating customers for costs outside of the cruise. Any costs that arise for the customer in connection with delays will not be reimbursed by us.

In the event of cancellation, we will contact everyone who made the booking the day prior to your cruise to your specified E-mail address. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the email the night before.
In the event of cancellation from us, there will ofcourse be no charge for the trip.

Contact us with questions:
Phone: 0760-391040


What does it cost to go to Ven with you?
Prices you find here

Where is my ticket?
When you book your ticket you will receive a confirmation email from Nortic with a QR-code.  We will scan your ticket upon boarding.

Do children 0-3 years old need a ticket even if they travel for free?
Yes, all passengers need to have a ticket.

Where does the ship go from?
In Helsingborg, the ship departs from Kungstorget 2, in the middle of the city next to Helsingborg C.
At Ven, the ship departs from Bäckviken harbor.

What times does the ship leave?
Find our timetable and prices here

Can I buy a return ticket?
Yes, it will be cheaper than buying two single tickets.

Can a tour get canceled?
Yes, if there are no bookings for a tour it will be canceled.

Will the boat leave earlier?
Yes, if everyone with a pre-booked ticket is onboard.

Can I bring a stroller, golf car or bike with or without a cart?
Yes, that is fine!
Prices to bring bike etc. you can find here 

Can you bring a dog?
Yes, you can bring your dog free of charge, however, due to allergies the dog will have to stay out on deck.

Is the ship adapted for the disabled?
M/S Vike is partly adapted for the disabled and it is possible to have a wheelchair outdoors. Our staff is always helpful to facilitate and make the trip as comfortable for all of our travelers. 

How long does it take to Ven?
The crossing takes about 45 min

Can you go to Ven even if it is windy?
YES, M/S Vike is a fast-moving trimaran with fine seaworthiness.

Is there coffee on the ship?
Yes, there is a kiosk on board M/S Vike that sells coffee, sweets and ice cream. Ottostrutar!

Is there a toilet on the ship?
YES, but it is not handicapped accessible.

Where can you stay at Ven?
There is accommodation for all kinds of visitors both hotels, cottages and hostels. Keep in mind that the availability is limited so we recommend  you book in advance. Ven is a nature reserve so it is only allowed to camp on the campsite. Read more about where to stay here:

Where do you rent a bike?
It can be good to book the bikes you want before leaving for Ven. More info about bike rental can be found here:

What are the activities at Ven?
There is plenty to do at Ven, including the Tycho Brahe Museum, whiskey distillery and ancient monuments. More info about activities can be found here: