A day at Ven is like
a visit to paradise

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“A day at Ven is like a visit to paradise” Yes so wonderful is the small island in the middle of the Sound between Sweden and Denmark. Ven lies in the midst of the sound between two countries, off the northwest coast of Sweden between Helsingborg and Landskrona. The island is only 4.5 km long and walking or cycling around Ven is like being in a private paradise. Small winding roads, hills, sheep, green meadows, flowering fields, cliffy cliffs, the ocean that crashes and crosses the rocks, yes, friend is amazing in so many ways! The mighty wheat fields spiced with flowering poppies, beautiful yellow rapeseed fields, the hilly landscape and the sea constantly present making the tranquility of the island noticeable. Once you have fallen in love with friend you will never be free.

Ven is, as mentioned, a rather small island of 4.5 km long and 2.6 km wide. The backafall travels out of the sea and is the island’s highest point with 45 meters above sea level. Ven has the shape of a sloping plateau and still rises out of the sea. For many years, Ven Denmark and King Fredrik II gave the island to the scientist Tycho Brahe who built the castle of Uraniborg and the underground observatory Stjerneborg. Tycho Brahe’s presence is reflected in various visits to the island.

There is a lot to do at Ven and the island offers something for all tastes. In Bäckviken you can enjoy ice cream and a glass of wine. If you want to see more of the island, you can rent a bike over the hill and visit the Tycho Brahe Museum, Whiskey Distillery Spirit of Hven, the remains of Uraniborg and Stjerneborg, the new church and the old church at the top of the steep slope of Kyrkbacken. At Kyrkbacken you can eat something good or sunbathe and swim on the long sandy beach. If you prefer to play golf, there is a beautiful 9 hole course on the island.


Our ship M / S Vike

You can easily do a day trip to Ven or choose to stay for a few days in this paradise. The vessel M / S Vike takes you from Helsingborg and the transfer takes about 45 minutes. M / S Vike is a fast-paced trimaran. The vessel has nice lake features and great nice surfaces on the deck. In total, the vessel has 90 seats, of which 30 are indoors. And while you enjoy the wind in the hair, the sun in your face and salt splash from the ocean, you can also watch the porpoises (small dolphins) and seals. Even the road to Ven is an adventure!


You can bring a bicycle, stroller or golf cart on the ship, which is partially disabled and it is good to have a wheelchair outdoors. Our staff is always helpful in facilitating and making the transfer pleasant to all travelers

If you are hungry, there is a kiosk aboard M / S Vike who sells coffee, ice cream, cakes, soda, candy and sausage with bread. If you have not already planned your visit to Ven, you will also find tourist information on board the ship.

Welcome aboard M / S Vike, let’s take you to Ven and give yourself the chance to be as in love with us!

Ven, our paradise on earth!