Our ship M/S Vike

You can easily make a day trip to Ven or choose to stay a few days in this paradise. You take the ship M/S Vike from Helsingborg and the crossing takes about 45 minutes. M/S Vike is a fast sailing trimaran. The ship has nice sea characteristics and large nice areas out on deck. In total, the ship has 90 seats, of which 30 are indoors. And while you enjoy the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and salt spray from the sea, you can also take the opportunity to look for porpoises (small dolphins) and seals. Even the road to Ven is an adventure!

You can take a bicycle, pram or golf cart with you on the ship, which is partly adapted for the disabled, and it is fine to bring a wheelchair outside. Our staff is always helpful to facilitate and make the crossing pleasant for all travelers

If you get hungry, there is a kiosk on board M/S Vike that sells coffee, ice cream, cookies, soft drinks, sweets and sausages with bread. If you haven’t already planned your visit to Ven, you will also find tourist information on board the ship.

Welcome aboard M/S Vike, let us take you to Ven and give yourself the chance to fall in love as much as we did!